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Dimotrans Marseille
Independant freight forwarder – 26 agenciesClient Testimonials - Dimotrans Marseille

Maison Jamein
Independant freight forwarder – 1 agencyClient Testimonials - Maison Jamein

Dimotrans Lyon
Independant freight forwarder – 26 agencies

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Marion ROQUIGNY – Sales representative at Maison Jamein
After a Technology degree in Transport Logistics in Le Havre and an internship at Seafrigo, Marion extends her university studies with a License in International Trade in Budapest with the Erasmus exchange program. She strengthens her knowledge by pursuing a Master in International Trade in Le Havre which she concludes with an internship at Maersk.
Due to her experiences at Seafrigo and Maersk, Marion has been able to discover the professions of both freight forwarder and carrier and chooses to carry on her career in the forwarding business, which is, according to her, less of a routine job and more active, particularly because of the multiple external contacts this function involves. Thus, she applies at Qualitair, where she will work at the quotation sales department, then at Maison Jamein at the import sales department in which she works since May 2012.
The international aspect and the contacts with people from all around the world are the qualities of the profession which Marion is passionate about. According to her, it’s a much more complex and peculiar field than we think, and you learn every day.
Maison Jamein has been using Okargo since November 2014 and Marion is very pleased:
« Thanks to Okargo, we have the information quicker so we respond faster to the client and he’s more satisfied with us. Today, as soon as we receive pricing sheets, we send them to the Okargo team which integrates them. After that, we only have to click one button and we have every piece of information we want! More so, with their data processing service, we don’t have any updates to do by ourselves!
Okargo in three words it’s “efficiency, gain of time and speed”. »

Grégory GIRARD – Inside sales representative at Dimotrans
After graduating with a Technology degree in Transport Logistics, Grégory left to Ireland to pursue a License in Transport Logistics and a work-study contract with E.F.L. LTD at Dublin.
At the end of his internship, he worked for SDV Vénissieux where he did file management in import shipping. Later he joined Kuehne Nagel and then Gondrand, but he was more and more attracted by the commercial side of freight forwarding. Therefore he applied at Dimotrans in Pusignan for an inside sales representative position, a job that he has been doing since December 2010. Grégory loves his work, in a day he “goes all around the world”, in the morning he calls his contacts in Asia, then in Europe and at the end of the day, in America. His goal is to make every transport professional cooperate with the others, which he sees as a line of dominoes, if one of them falls, the whole line will follow.
Dimotrans has been using Okargo since August 2014 and Gregory could not work without it anymore:
« Between the moment I started at Dimotrans in 2010 and now, a lot of tools became available to facilitate our work. If I was to work for another company which didn’t have Okargo, I hope their tool would be as good as this one because today, I would not be able to work without it. It’s a very intuitive tool with which we save a lot of time, and we’re a lot less stressed concerning the rates. More so, the development of the tool is interesting, we see the usage improving and the features diversifying.
Okargo is an easy to use tool with guaranteed information and it evolves with its clients. »

Béatrice GILLES – Branch Manager at Transcausse SA
Born in Lyon, Béatrice goes to London after graduating from high school to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration at the London School of Economics and Political Science. After getting her degree, she starts working in the financial world as a broker in the City of London.
After a few years in London, she comes back in France. Her father, then director of MCL, offers her a sales representative position in his business in Lyon. Béatrice accepts and easily adjust to the freight forwarder business, the basics remaining the same: buy and sell. More so, she is fascinated by the shipping world since she was a child, when she followed her father who traveled the world. In 2005, when Transcausse bought MCL, her father retired and Béatrice was offered the branch manager position, which she has occupied since then.
Today, the Transcausse Lyon agency is still a family business but young and dynamic too:
« Okargo totally matches the “geek” generation, we are connected, it’s in the spirit of the times. We save time, we are faster, we are more responsive. Especially, Okargo opened your visual field, before, we had to compare the offers one by one and we used to get drowned in the details, now we can compare everything on one screen. We get the impression that your eyes are more opened, and so we don’t have to grub anymore.
For me, Okargo means efficiency, quickness and clearness of information. »

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